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Personal training, Windsor, CA

Windsor's only 1:1 personal trainer offering a personalized experience.

  • Up-to-date expertise in strength training and nutrition
  • Only the best quality exercise equipment to ensure the utmost in safety and ergonomics that the industry has to offer
  • Fantastic group packages catering to all fitness levels
  • True one-on-one personal training without the presence of other trainers, clients, or on-lookers, unlike standard gym.

Personal Training Gym, Windsor, CA

I am more than happy to cater to your lifestyle needs.

As a personal trainer, I pride myself on creating a comfortable, stress-free environment for my clients. Upon walking into the gym, you will be greeted with a water bottle, a sweat towel and a smile at the beginning of every session. 

  • Don't have a babysitter? Bring your kids! (I have 4 of my own, there's nothing I can't handle!) 
  • Is it difficult for you to take time away from work? Feel free to keep that cell phone close by!
  • Can't leave your dog home alone? I'm sure Spike would love to participate in your workout!

Meal prep, meal planning, diet, windsor, ca

Nutrition is KEY

I understand that a proper exercise routine to suit your specific goals is only part of the equation of success. This is why I offer personal meal plans to all of my clients for no charge based, again, on your specific goals. I fully understand the dynamics of macronutrients, metabolism, meal profiles, nutrient timing and the important role they each play in achieving whatever goals you set out to accomplish. 

Personal trainer, personal training, gym, windsor, ca

About Spencer Wentworth

I am a proud father of four living with my wife in beautiful Windsor, CA. I have been a NASM certified personal trainer for 14 years and have owned my own business for 12 of them. When I'm not in the studio, I enjoy spending time with my family at the beach, zoo and going on other adventures throughout the Bay Area. I am very passionate about fitness and the most rewarding thing about my job is watching my clients reach their personal goals and grow in ways they never thought possible! 


2 people*

1x / week        $150ea. / per month

2x / week       $280ea. / per month 

3x / week       $390ea. / per month

3 people*

1x / week        $120ea. / per month

2x / week       $220ea. / per month 

3x / week       $300ea. / per month

4 people*

1x / week        $100ea. / per month

2x / week       $190ea. / per month 

3x / week       $260ea. / per month

25 min. One-On-One

3 session package       $120

6 session package       $225

10 session package     $360

50 min. One-On-One Sessions

3 session package       $210

6 session package       $390

10 session package     $595

*Group sessions are 50 minutes each.

Contact ME

Send questions or schedule your free consultation! swentworth@wtrainingstudio.com Call or Text: 707-888-6883

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